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Be Trek Ready With These Tips

Most of us find the concept of preparing for a trek banal. This is because we all somewhere feel that we walk regularly and lead a healthy life, which makes us capable enough to go for any type of trek. But sorry to burst your bubble – all this don’t make you fit enough to go for a trek.

If you go on a trek without preparation, you’ll surely find yourself in the given situations:
• Probably you’ll be dead focused on the feet just after walking a couple of meters,
• You’ll be constantly running out of breath and start cursing yourself why you made this plan in the first place, or
• You’ll keep bothering your guide by asking them again and again – “how far is the destination.”
If you’ve ever found yourself or anyone else in any of these situations, you know why it’s important to prepare yourself for a trek. Before we jump into the useful trekking tips, we would like to highlight the importance of fitness and trekking training.

Here’s why fitness is important for any trek:
• People who are fit enjoy their hike more while witnessing the beauty of majestic snow-covered mountains. On the other hand, trekkers who aren’t fit usually are seen struggling during the whole trek and they hardly get time to absorb the tranquillity of pleasant forest trails.

• Unfit trekkers just seem to walk like robots that are just sent to finish the trek from location A to B, as their journey is physically traumatic. But if you have undergone a trekking training, you already know that your body needs the training to get accustomed to the high altitude regions and long walking hours.

Now you are well aware why fitness is essential for a trek. So, let us give you some helpful trekking tips on preparing for your next hike:
1. Go for long walks:

It is indeed the best way to train you for strenuous and long treks. You just have to start with covering certain long distances on an everyday basis or on alternate days. This will help your body to get ready for the long trekking hours.
2. Leg-based cardio:

Do regular leg cardio to gain the benefit from your long walks. You can also work on your legs by playing certain games like football, swimming and squash. Gym freaks may start mixing up weighted squats with lunges to make their legs fitter. If you are an employee, try to avoid taking the lift and start using the stairs. Also, go for a run in the morning or evening to make your calve muscles stronger.
3. Try working out on non-uniform tracks:

The trekking trails are not uniform, so it is best to train or prepare you for a hike on non-uniform tracks. This will make your feet, ankles and overall legs ready for bearing the stress of long walks on the uneven trekking trails.
4. Walk the right way:

To step in a correct way is necessary to avoid the risks of shin splints and tendon pulls. When you are planning to go on a trekking tour, it’s necessary that you must focus on stepping the right way. Practice that your heel touches the ground first and then put the weight on the toes.
5. Buy high-quality hiking boots:

You cannot ignore how important good quality boots are. You must pick the right hiking shoes with proper ventilation and water-resistant features. Right shoes will help you in warding off the risks of getting blisters or sore ankles.
6. Practice carrying a heavy backpack:

During the trek, you will be carrying a lot of essentials like rain gear, jackets, water, snacks, camera, etc. All these items will make your backpack heavy. So, you must practice carrying a heavy backpack while training to prepare your body for carrying extra weight with ease.
7. Mental training is important as well:

We all know that fear is the biggest enemy that stops us from doing something new. When preparing yourself for a trek, try to focus on the benefits of going on a trek and how it will impact your life in a positive way. Preparing yourself mentally for a trek is equally important like training your body.

Following these useful trekking tips, you’ll surely be able to make the most out of your next trekking excursion.
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