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7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Badminton Players

7 Most Common Mistakes Made By Badminton Players

Imagine this analogy. There are two badminton players, you and a friend. While you play the racquet sport to break the monotony of busy life and regain physical and mental health, your friend has some professional aspirations. Notwithstanding the end objectives, both require to ward off certain mistakes that most patrons of the sport fall prey to. Nobody is perfect, but you can always make efforts to do away with your vulnerabilities and achieve perfection. Because it is the quest for perfection that will help you and your friend keep up with individual goals and sustain the passion for badminton over a period. So, we are here to help you and your friend kick start the journey to perfection with an elaboration of 7 commonest pitfalls to avoid.

Ignoring Footwork

Ignoring Footwork

In badminton, you serve it, hustle it, and smash it. To execute any of it, you need correct postures, optimal balance and nimble footwork. In case you are yet to acquire the ability to hit the backhand whilst in mid-air, the footwork becomes imperative to generate the required power. However, many players either ignore footwork training outright or go easy on it. If you and/or your friend are committing the same folly, it’s time to mend ways. Both need to sweat it out on the court and off it as well to acquire agile and strong legs that can help in implementing moves and getting the better of the opponent. Your friend may require specialised agility training and tools, while rope skipping, cycling and running may suffice for you.

Wrong Grip

Wrong Grip

Grip on the racquet invariably determines the velocity and direction of the shot. Right grip for right outcome – it’s as simple as that. Surprisingly, even many professionals, let alone hobbyists, err in gripping the racquet and often end up paying for it. With a faulty grip, the shuttle, especially in a power shot, fails to land in the intended place at the intended speed, making it easy to pick for the opponent. Many prefer a bevel grip for backhand and a panhandle grip for forehand, which takes a toll on their power and impact the shot performance. Obviously, whether it’s you or your friend, getting the grip right is crucial for both. Here, practice is the only way to perfect a perfect grip for a perfect backhand, forehand or serve.

Inaccurate body position

Inaccurate body position

Many badminton enthusiasts are prone to inaccurate body positions that often lead to their undoing. If the body position is not right, your serves smash and deft returns will miss the sting. Many have the tendency of getting on to the side and not fully turning the shoulder to hit clear a backhand. Here, the racquet travels a wrong trajectory when meeting the shuttle, leading to a faulty shot performance. This can be avoided with a little awareness and a lot of practice. Since your friend is training on professional lines, he might have coaches to help with his body positions. While, on the other hand, you may be devoid of any such luxury, which calls for studying the players on the court and on videos to learn correct position strategies.

Faulty Serves

Faulty Serves

Serves are central to badminton with 40% of the game depending on them. Still, a majority of players are given to faulty serves that are likely to ruin their chances. They are unable to make the shuttle land in the right place, which is crucial for starting a rally. Illegal serving is also a norm, particularly among amateurs. Any forehand or backhand serve made from above the permissible height is proclaimed illegal in professional badminton circuits. As such, you can get away with faulty or illegal serves but not your friend aspiring to participate in a competitive event. Rectifying your serves takes a consistent effort, it is important nonetheless.

Inappropriate Racquet

Inappropriate Racquet

A racquet is to a badminton player what sword used to be for a soldier back in the day. It is an instrument that does all the talking on the player’s behalf and commands the opposition into submission. When stakes are this high, being wrong with your racquets is not an option for you or your friend. That said, there are many out there, hobbyist and professionals alike, who neglect the racquet’s weight or its string tension. Resultantly, they are vulnerable to long losing steaks and even injuries. In fact, heavy racquets strain the shoulder muscles and tendons, which often translate into career-threatening injuries. Also, your ability to make the right serves and returns takes a beating if the racquet is heavy or string tension is high.

No warm-ups

No warm-ups

In almost all professional setups a dynamic warm up is mandatory prior to the game, while amateurs often neglect it. Apparently, they enter the court with stiff muscles that play a spoilsport in more ways than one. The stiff muscles not only restrict the player’s movement and shot-making but may expose him to injuries as well. These adversities can be kept at bay with light, simple warm-up exercises, including stretching, push-ups and more. Just swing your arms and rotate your knees and ankles repeatedly, and help yourself to relaxed muscles and a lively performance on the court. However, your friend may be doing some specialised stuff.

Over smashing

Over smashing

Badminton players often misconstrue smashing to be the sole opportunity to bamboozle the opponent and earn points. The misconception is so deep-rooted that players often pounce on the slightest of opportunities to smash the shuttle with all their might. No denying the fact that smashes often fetch the desired results but they have their share of drawbacks. A smash takes a considerable toll on the player’s energy, leaving him depleted when it matters the most. Plus, the player may also lose his balance, wrist position and ability to place the shuttle, and hence, end up conceding points. So, prudence is always recommended when it comes to smashes.


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How to be More Aware on the Basketball Court

Mastering dribbling, dropping long shots in the basket, and running fast are all specific skills that good basketball players must develop. Along with all this is the need to develop awareness of your surroundings.

The most important thing that being aware will gain a player is metacognitive thinking. In simpler terms, you’ll think ahead. To be more aggressive and an offensive player you need the ability to think ahead and this will only be gained by becoming more aware on the court.

Move on from being just a player to being a game-maker who understands scenarios instinctively and reacts fast. Only then will you be a valuable player with significant contribution. Otherwise, merely being athletic is not sufficient.

Read on to find out if you’re aware on the court as a basketball player and how to help yourself become more aware.

  1. Feedback speed
  2. You know that you’re really aware when you’re on the court and you get immediate feedback. Your body will move without you thinking about it. You’ll be absolutely focused, and you won’t be thinking about what you’re going to do once its break time, or whether you have homework.

    Many players are a little lazy about concentration during practice, thinking that they’ll ‘save it’ when the big games come. But concentration, like any other skill, requires practice. Only with strong muscle memory and concentration will you develop the split second timing that can mean the difference between a win and a loss for your team.

    Athletes don’t like to think about it, but it’s true that even if you’re a decent player and your teammates really like you, if you’re not an integral reason that your team is winning, then your teammates may not really consider you as a great player. Developing court awareness can mean the difference between a good player and a great player.

  3. Enhance your peripheral vision
  4. On the basketball court, being aware relies strongly on peripheral vision. You can tell where your teammates are as opposed to where the opponents are and what everyone is doing. Even as you’re running, you should know how everyone is moving and where the ball is going.

    Developing verbal and non-verbal signals like calls is very important, but these tend to be practiced explicitly when practicing basketball plays. On the other hand, peripheral vision is also vital so that you can anticipate movement and go for picks and screens in a flash without wasting valuable time looking for who is open to your passes.

    Your peripheral vision should be good enough to let you know where everyone is on the court at all times. Do you want to be remembered as the guy who went for the winning shot only to have the ball grabbed by an opponent mid-shot?

  5. Meditate to develop concentration
  6. Meditation is a strong method to develop mindfulness or concentration power. It may seem like a weird suggestion for an athlete, who is defined by activity, but meditation isn’t only for monks. Meditation is difficult for people who cannot let go of extraneous thoughts and concentrate upon only one thing, and meditating properly can help them develop that focus.

    As an athlete, meditation can truly be a way to practice awareness building when you’re off the court as well. You don’t have to do it in a special stance, or hum, or such things. Merely sitting without any distractions and concentrating on a single thought will develop your power of concentration.

    Do it ten minutes at a time if you can’t do more. Don’t get too ambitious!

  7. Play offensively
  8. This isn’t a matter of your position on the court, it’s a matter of mentality. Your awareness of the court should enable you to make every single move about getting points. Merely getting the ball away from your opponents is not sufficient motivation to make a move.

    Once you’ve developed your basketball court awareness, you’ll be able to see how you should move, and move before consciously thinking it. Some people actually talk of it as an altered state, where they feel the time moving more slowly, and their thinking is much sharper.

    When you can think like this, you’ll be a leader instead of blindly following other people’s gameplays. With a team who is in sync, you should be able to make reasonable adjustments on the fly, and make winning moves.

    So keep on practicing, and keep on loving your game. Just don’t think of it as a purely physical game, at least half of the game is in the mind. Be the best player you can.

Master the 10 New Sports Rated the Best Worldwide

Gone are the days when Foosball, bowling, and arcade games were the highlight for a weekend filled with fun and games. Well, a new trend is emerging across the world where interesting spins on some of the best-loved sports making them a source of entertainment and unlimited fun.

Well, that’s not all these as new sports ensure that there is something for everyone and it makes them all the more interesting. It goes without saying, these sports help players stay active as well, which is an added bonus.

  1. Aqua Cricket
  2. Indians are crazy about cricket and is there any better way to beat the summer heat than playing a game of Aqua Cricket? To play this sport, each team comprising of six players each that include 1 wicketkeeper, 1 bowler, and 4 fielders, as well as the batsman from the opposing team, are required.

    The swimming pool serves as the field as fielders splash across the pool to fetch the ball. The bowlers must ensure that the ball touches the surface of the water or else it will be declared a no ball.

  3. Boluta
  4. Another sport, Boluta, is gaining popularity across the world because it is a combination of two very competitive sports, Badminton and Tennis. However, each player has to throw the ball across to certain designated points on the opponent’s side and try not to hit your opponent as they try to intercept the incoming ball and score a point or service change.

  5. Frisbee Trampoline
  6. If you have a thing for Frisbees and love spending time on the Trampoline then Frisbee Trampoline something you must try out. The objective of this team sport, each side with 5 players, is to shoot a goal using the Frisbee while jumping on the Trampolines, and if this isn’t extreme then what is?

  7. Volfsball
  8. If you really want to get your hands dirty then Volfsball it is since this game is a combination of cricket, basketball, netball and football. Points can be scored by either team by kicking or throwing a ball through a hoop or stand placed at the center of the field and you have to admit that it can’t get any crazier than this.

  9. Flexball
  10. Some people love playing ball, and Flexball combines soccer, volleyball and handball with 4 to 10 players on each side. The opposite team tries to steal the ball and try to throw the ball into the net to score the maximum points to win the game.

  11. Ovasinax
  12. Another team sport, with three teams, is designed around the swimming pool is Ovasinax where a man carries a woman on his shoulders. It is a sprint race and each side has to complete three laps of the pool but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

    In the first lap, the female partner has to stand on her teammate’s shoulder holding him with her feet alone while sitting on his shoulders. For the next two laps, the male partner has two swim two laps and whichever teams complete the three laps first is declared the winner.

  13. Fortball
  14. Another fun new sport that tests your strength, agility, speed and presence of mind is Fortball. Well, this is another team sport that comprises of two teams of 6 with each team member being assigned lives making the game all the more fun and taking it to the next level.

    There are three dodgeballs and the division of the balls, 2 balls are taken by one team and the 1 by the other.

  15. Aiden-ball
  16. For those of you who love kicking and punching a ball well Aiden-ball is the perfect option for you as it is the best of two worlds: Volleyball and Football. Each team defends their goal placed at the end of their half the ways goalkeepers do in Football and the team scoring the maximum points at the end of five rounds of the game are declared as the winner.

  17. Starplay
  18. Starplay is a field game where there are seven circles, a big circle which is the game field in the middle, and the other two on either side. A maximum of six players on each side can play the game and the objective of the game is to throw the ball at the desired spot within the circle of play.

    After 7 rounds as the ball is passed around, the team with the most points wins the game.

  19. Phasketboot
  20. Could you ever imagine if a sport could be a hybrid of ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and football? Well, Phasketboot is a 3 on 3 game in which the objective of each team is to score points by placing the ball into the hoop.

    Well, there are just a few of the new sports that are taking the world by storm. Move over, conventional sports because it looks like these new sports are making their mark.

Get High on Virtual Reality at these places in Delhi/NCR

Back in time the thought of sitting in a Virtual Reality lounge would have seemed like a scene out of a science fiction novel. However, as interest about Virtual Reality is growing across the world the Delhi/NCR region is keeping up with the times by introducing interesting VR and Augmented Reality options to people who want to experience something different.

Ranging from games and videos, there is something for everyone and each of the places that offer you a VR experience that is different from the next. Well, if you are interested in getting high on VR then you must check out these places in Delhi/NCR.

  1. Smaaash
  2. What is it all about?

    If you love playing games, then you will be able to find ones that you won’t find anywhere else at Smaaash at Delhi/NCR which is huge. The virtual reality simulators here are literally out of the world since you can play your favourite sport in real time by experiencing the game as though you were right on the field.

    Who is it meant for?

    At Smaaash there is something for everyone, from hardcore gamers to someone who is just curious about VR, since there are many games and activities that are appropriate for different age groups. For instance, you can experience 7D by trying Art Attack or Dance-off Battle.

    Why should you try it out?

    Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or not Smaaash is all about having a great time and enjoying yourself. It is safe to say that it is not just a gaming zone but it is a fun place to host a birthday party to make the most of the day with your friends and family.

    What’s more is that Smaaash has a number of exciting offers and packages for large groups at too at a discount. To know more you can contact any of the VR zones in the Delhi/NCR region.


    Delhi VasantKunj Ambience Mall, Noida, Gurgaon Ambience Mall, Gurgaon Sector 29, Gurgaon Cyber Hub

  3. VR @ PVR
  4. If PVR is your first choice to catch the latest film releases then you are in for a surprise. PVR has taken a step towards bringing interactive Virtual Reality content available for moviegoers like never before in collaboration with HP India.

    What is it all about?

    As the latest addition to the PVR family, the new facility initiates customers into the world of VR with their new library filled with adventurous and interactive content. The content is not just limited to horror, sci-fi, drama, or action but it has much more on offer.

    Who is it meant for?

    Anyone curious about getting to know more about VR and giving it a try can do so without buying a movie ticket, yes that’s right. However, to gain entry to the lounge a ticket must be bought through and you can try as many videos as you want.

    Why should you try it out?

    Do you really need a reason why you shouldn’t be trying out something new? The lounge gas an array of short films that are of 10-minute duration each as well as videos and interactive games, so there are quite a few cool things to check out.


    PVR ECX, Noida

  5. iSkate
  6. What is it all about?

    iSkate is the first natural ice skating café and rink in India that has raised their stakes by launching a Virtual Reality Experience zone. It’s no longer just paradise for ice skaters but for adventure seekers who are all game to try out something new.

    Who is it meant for?

    Anyone who dares to be different and loves trying something new should try this out because it is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

    Why should you try it out?

    There are quite a few options that you can choose from games to interactive videos that take gaming to a whole new level. If you are bored and want to try out something that will really put you to the test then this is the perfect option for you.

    Some of the games offered here include FunHouse, Star Trek, Arizona, and Everest VR to name a few.


    Ambiance Mall, NH-8, Gurugram

    Well, it goes without saying that you are missing all the action if you haven’t visited any of these places and it’s all the more reason to try it out now!