Master the 10 New Sports Rated the Best Worldwide

Gone are the days when Foosball, bowling, and arcade games were the highlight for a weekend filled with fun and games. Well, a new trend is emerging across the world where interesting spins on some of the best-loved sports making them a source of entertainment and unlimited fun.

Well, that’s not all these as new sports ensure that there is something for everyone and it makes them all the more interesting. It goes without saying, these sports help players stay active as well, which is an added bonus.

  1. Aqua Cricket
  2. Indians are crazy about cricket and is there any better way to beat the summer heat than playing a game of Aqua Cricket? To play this sport, each team comprising of six players each that include 1 wicketkeeper, 1 bowler, and 4 fielders, as well as the batsman from the opposing team, are required.

    The swimming pool serves as the field as fielders splash across the pool to fetch the ball. The bowlers must ensure that the ball touches the surface of the water or else it will be declared a no ball.

  3. Boluta
  4. Another sport, Boluta, is gaining popularity across the world because it is a combination of two very competitive sports, Badminton and Tennis. However, each player has to throw the ball across to certain designated points on the opponent’s side and try not to hit your opponent as they try to intercept the incoming ball and score a point or service change.

  5. Frisbee Trampoline
  6. If you have a thing for Frisbees and love spending time on the Trampoline then Frisbee Trampoline something you must try out. The objective of this team sport, each side with 5 players, is to shoot a goal using the Frisbee while jumping on the Trampolines, and if this isn’t extreme then what is?

  7. Volfsball
  8. If you really want to get your hands dirty then Volfsball it is since this game is a combination of cricket, basketball, netball and football. Points can be scored by either team by kicking or throwing a ball through a hoop or stand placed at the center of the field and you have to admit that it can’t get any crazier than this.

  9. Flexball
  10. Some people love playing ball, and Flexball combines soccer, volleyball and handball with 4 to 10 players on each side. The opposite team tries to steal the ball and try to throw the ball into the net to score the maximum points to win the game.

  11. Ovasinax
  12. Another team sport, with three teams, is designed around the swimming pool is Ovasinax where a man carries a woman on his shoulders. It is a sprint race and each side has to complete three laps of the pool but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

    In the first lap, the female partner has to stand on her teammate’s shoulder holding him with her feet alone while sitting on his shoulders. For the next two laps, the male partner has two swim two laps and whichever teams complete the three laps first is declared the winner.

  13. Fortball
  14. Another fun new sport that tests your strength, agility, speed and presence of mind is Fortball. Well, this is another team sport that comprises of two teams of 6 with each team member being assigned lives making the game all the more fun and taking it to the next level.

    There are three dodgeballs and the division of the balls, 2 balls are taken by one team and the 1 by the other.

  15. Aiden-ball
  16. For those of you who love kicking and punching a ball well Aiden-ball is the perfect option for you as it is the best of two worlds: Volleyball and Football. Each team defends their goal placed at the end of their half the ways goalkeepers do in Football and the team scoring the maximum points at the end of five rounds of the game are declared as the winner.

  17. Starplay
  18. Starplay is a field game where there are seven circles, a big circle which is the game field in the middle, and the other two on either side. A maximum of six players on each side can play the game and the objective of the game is to throw the ball at the desired spot within the circle of play.

    After 7 rounds as the ball is passed around, the team with the most points wins the game.

  19. Phasketboot
  20. Could you ever imagine if a sport could be a hybrid of ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and football? Well, Phasketboot is a 3 on 3 game in which the objective of each team is to score points by placing the ball into the hoop.

    Well, there are just a few of the new sports that are taking the world by storm. Move over, conventional sports because it looks like these new sports are making their mark.

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